T&E products include more than 20 types of cartridges and accessories and more than 180 types of needles, so it is easy to get confused with so many products, if you are using dispensing accessories for the first time or you have found that the accessories you are using are not quite suitable, please refer to our suggestions:

I. Four guidelines:

Small point - small gauge needle, low pressure, short duration

Big point - large needle, higher pressure, longer time

Thick glue - slanted needle, higher pressure, set time as needed

Water-based liquids - small needle, lower pressure, set time as needed

II. Fluids requiring special settings

Instant glue: For water-based instant glue, use safety piston and Teflon lined metal needle; for thick instant glue, use conical bevelled needle; for flexible, use PP needle.

UV adhesive: Use amber coloured syringe, white piston and slanting needle (UV shielding). If you use other kinds of needles, please order UV shielding needles from our company.

Light curing adhesive: Use black opaque syringe, white piston and UV shielding needle.

Anaerobic adhesive: Use 10CC syringe and white PE piston.

Sealants and pastes: If the white piston bounces back badly, please change to the safety type and use a slanted needle.


III. Concise comparison table for needle selection
ApplicationneedlesStainless Steel Needlesflexure needleTeflon needles
Extremely dilute liquidnotgoodgoodgood
Contains granular pastegoodgoodwellnot
infinitesimal pointnotgoodwellgood
Reacts with metalsgoodnotgoodgood
Quick-drying gluegoodwellgoodgood
Using FluidsneedlesStainless Steel Needlesflexure needleTeflon needles
General Gumgoodgoodgoodgood
Anaerobic resingoodwellgoodwell
Protective gelgoodwellwellnot
Instant gluegoodwellgoodgood
Paste instant gluegoodwellgoodnot
Light-curing gelnotwell*well*not
Solder pastegoodwellwellnot
Anti-welding paintgoodgoodwellnot
Solder pastegoodgoodwellnot
UV curing adhesivegoodwell*well*well
*Please use with T&E UV protection needles.