Common Dispensing Needle Types and Features

A dispensing needle is a device used to accurately dispense glue, adhesives, liquid binders or other sticky materials, usually in conjunction with dispensing equipment. These needles come in different designs and features to suit different applications.

Conical Tips: This needle has a tapered design for precise dispensing of glue onto the workpiece. It is suitable for general dispensing applications.

Straight Tips: 直通型针头具有直径均匀的管状结构,适用于需要更粗的线条或更高流量的应用。它们通常用于填充胶缝或在需要快速涂覆的情况下。

Needle Tips:Spray-type needles have tiny holes that allow the glue to be sprayed onto the workpiece at a higher pressure for applications that require quick application or coverage of large areas.

Angle Tips: Bevelled needles allow dispensing at different angles for applications that require dispensing in difficult to access areas.

Micro Tips: Miniature needles are designed for micro-dispensing applications such as microelectronic assemblies that require extremely high precision and tiny adhesive dots.

Anti-drip design: Some dispensing needles have an anti-drip design that reduces the likelihood of glue dripping down, ensuring high quality dispensing results.

Stainless steel or plastic: The needles can be made of materials such as stainless steel or plastic, depending on the properties of the glue used and the requirements of the application.

Porous needles: Multi-hole needles allow dispensing in multiple locations for increased efficiency and accuracy.

The choice of dispensing needle depends on the specific application requirements, including the viscosity of the glue, the accuracy of the dispensing, the flow requirements and the material of the workpiece. Dispensing needles are an important part of the dispensing system and are critical to ensuring bond quality and productivity.